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Your preferred media planning
and buying platform

Verrt takes the guesswork out of collaborating with media sellers and ad agencies. We can help you connect with media sellers, advertising agencies, and other resources you need for everything from media purchasing to optimizing ROI.
By negotiating directly with each service provider, you’re getting your campaigns’ maximum value!

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With a single click of a button, you can create full campaigns!

Through assignments, messages, and media availability calendars, Verrt’s programmatic media buying platform allows you to create and manage teams. Contact and collaboration flow effortlessly with our secure portal.

Specify your needs based on platform, price, location, or other custom criteria, and Verrt will find the best matches for you. Making informed media buying choices has never been easier than with this digital media buying platform!

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Welcome to the Future of Media Buying

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Connect with the Verrt Marketplace

The Verrt Marketplace is your portal to media sellers, marketing platforms, and media spaces of all types and sizes!

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Harness the Power of Verrt

Verrt’s auto-campaign feature uses accurate automated metrics to make informed marketing decisions and target customers worldwide.

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Campaigns dashboard

Verrt’s dashboard keeps everything you need in one place! The intuitive interface customizes campaigns, chooses media platforms, and bids automatically, according to your specifications- making it one of the best media buying platforms.

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Verrt’s Calendar

With the Verrt calendar, you can view your media assets in an aesthetic, transparent way.

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Bidding with Verrt

You can bid for the same space that a seller is selling.

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Verrt Job Portal

You can post jobs on Verrt’s portal, and a seller or ad agency can respond to your posts.

Get Connected Globally

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Let Verrt Build Your Brand

360-Degree Campaign Creation

Whether your campaign is local or global, you need an online media buying platform designed to cover every aspect of modern advertising.

Verrt supports out-of-home (OOH) & digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaigns, and more! The platform enables you to mount seamless campaigns across multiple target groups, countries, and media spaces, ensuring your intended audience sees your message, whether on a device or looking at a billboard. Connect with carefully selected sellers and ad agencies for a one-time collaboration or a long-term relationship!

Generate campaign effectiveness reports that are as detailed as you need them to be. Track and influence your campaigns with metrics.

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Access to the Global Marketplace

Verrt’s media planning and buying platform connects media buyers, sellers, ad agencies, and others on a global scale. Browse Verrt’s Marketplace of media sellers and advertising agencies and read reviews to help you make informed decisions. Verrt will assist in the search using your criteria and filters and instantly communicate with the media sellers and advertising agencies of your choice.

Campaigns Dashboard

With this intuitive media buying solution, you can see and manage everything about your campaigns in one place. You can set up the budget, select the audience, and monitor analytics and performance. You can even execute your campaigns from Verrt.

Media campaigns dashboard

The Verrt Process

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Browse Verrt’s Media Directory

Access a global directory of media platforms, spaces, and sellers for your campaigns.

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Create Campaigns

Let Verrt help you build innovative, integrated campaigns based on your needs, using the platform’s auto-campaign capability.

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Initiate and Launch Campaigns

Launch campaigns confidently and make payments safely with the Verrt dashboard.

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Manage campaigns with multiple users with ease.

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Get Results

Get automatic reports on your campaign’s performance using metrics.

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